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About Us

Vida Wellness Club was launched in September 2023 by Adri Welham and Laura Martinez - both local instructors in Bishop's Stortford who found we had similar ideas and visions about fitness. We joined forces and a combined 20 years of teaching experience to offer an expanded timetable, new classes, and fun events- creating 

Vida Wellness Club.

We want to appeal to all those women - regardless of age, size and shape - who want to exercise, keep active, mobile and healthy but for whatever reason, don’t want to go to a gym environment. They want to enjoy keeping fit mainly through music and dance, in classes where they laugh out loud, lift their spirits and with a supportive community. We know that keeping active is important but it doesn’t have to be serious or boring. Life’s too short for that!

Our door is always open to new members and we are proud to bring together women from Bishop's Stortford and  surrounding areas. Come join us at our next class— we’d love to share all that Vida Wellness Club has to offer.

Hi, I’m Laura! 

I'm originally from Spain and I've been living in the UK since 2018. I moved to Bishop's Stortford at the beginning of 2020, right before the Pandemic.

I'm a qualified Level 3 Pilates Instructor, also a Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold and Circl Mobility Instructor. I'm currently working towards my Level 3 Yoga Diploma.

I have three passions in life: my family, dancing and helping people.

I have been dancing like, forever, and still remember myself choreographing Whitney Houston songs in my bedroom when I was a young child!

Many years later I found my passion again through Zumba. First as a student, later as a teacher.

I used to work in an office doing very serious and safe job. I spent my entire pregnancy working 8 to 10 hours a day, feeling highly stressed. I couldn’t go out as we were still in the middle of the Pandemic and to top it all I had a very traumatic experience giving birth. That was like a wake-up call and I knew deep inside me that something had to change. 


I found myself completely lost in my new role as a mum, with a body that couldn't be accepted as mine and completely isolated as we were still in "lockdown" at the time.

I didn't know that all that suffering was going to be the beginning of a total transformation, inside out. For a butterfly to be born, there must be a caterpillar first that goes through a complicated process to become a wonderful creature.


By chance I saw an offer to become a Zumba Instructor and I didn't think twice.

I took my training and started teaching straight away.

Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? 100%.

I started to feel fitter, stronger, and more confident. I met new and wonderful people. I started to feel like myself again. But a new myself, a better one.


Now, my purpose in life is to help YOU to transform into the awesome butterfly you have inside.

Let me help you live the wonderful life you have always been dreaming about.


Hi, I’m Adri! 

I’m originally from Venezuela and have been living in the UK since 1994. I’m qualified to teach a range of disciplines including Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance Fitness, Aqua, Barre, and Strength & Balance amongst others. 

I swear by the power of laughter and movement and how good they are for our body, mind, and spirit. I feel very lucky to be able to work on something that I love so much and over a decade of teaching different fitness programmes, I’ve been able to develop an effective blend of exercises for healthy mobility, balance, muscle toning and core strengthening. My teaching can be challenging but fun, uplifting, creative and always full of great music.

I truly believe that there is no age limit to fitness and that a regular practice becomes even more important as we grow older. It’s true; we’re living longer so we might as well keep as active as we can so we can live our later years with vigour and as happy as we can be.

By the way, I’m all against the ‘You’re too old to do this or that’ narrative and I’m on a mission to fight ageism in our society – just like any other prejudice. Ageism appears in everyday life and sometimes it’s even self-inflicting. Let’s call out ageism and change the narrative.

I think we should embrace growing older, relish the wealth of experiences gained over the years and enjoy the increased self-awareness and confidence that comes with age. There is a whole new world waiting for those who dare to explore the untapped potential of age, which is a source of wisdom, strength, and resilience – there, I’ve said it! 

I have a beautiful daughter and love traveling, live music, photography and riding my motorbike. I do try to live inside every moment, experiencing the magic of being alive, in every-single-breath.



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